Montreal International Women’s Conference 2010

miwc2010Register now and pay your registration today.  Join the international militant women’s movement!

Women of Diverse Origins and the International Coordinating body invites you to register now for the Montreal International Women’s Conference taking place August 13-16, 2010.

Women from around the world will gather under the theme: For a Global Militant Women’s Movement in the 21st Century!  They will review the last 100 years of the women’s movement, honour its pioneers and draw up an action plan to advance the movement, with the forming of an International Women’s Alliance.

At a time when wars and violence against women are raging, as inequalities and social injustice reign and the systemic crisis continues, it is time more than ever to unite in a movement that brings together women of all races and cultures with an international perspective, to oppose war and promote human progress and social justice. The event will take place in Montreal from August 13-16 and will bring in delegates from all over the world: workers and intellectuals, women from the peasantry and farmers, youth, indigenous women, immigrants, refugees and displaced persons and anti-imperialist activists. Please see our internet site for some of the biographies of speakers.

For more and to register now, please visit our site :

Be there. Be heard. Be part of it!

Registration fees cover the documentation and the souvenir program, lunches for three days, accommodations/lodging, the opening ceremonies and the Solidarity Night with meal. Group rates are also available.

Registration fees also help pay for transportation of speakers from the Global South.

For more information contact:

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