Art Beyond Barriers – Live Art Petition

barrier (noun): a structure that prevents or hinders movement or action

Art Beyond Barriers is a movement to demand freedom and justice through art. We invite people to share their art to break beyond the barriers and take action to uphold and defend human rights in the Philippines and around the world.

Art Beyond Barriers is a Live Art Petition made through different forms of art: visual, music, voice, written word, spoken word, movement, and theater.  We invite concerned artists, communities, and human rights supporters to create art in the spirit of collaboration and in support for human rights.  People do not need to be an artist to participate and all ages are welcome.

This project is in collaboration with Melissa Roxas — poet, activist, and survivor of abduction and torture in the Philippines — and Habi Arts. This project will tour different cities.  View the photos on the links below:

Los Angeles
San Francisco
East Bay
University of California, Berkeley

About the Current Live Art Petition

The current Live Art Petition that is touring North America is in support of the campaign to stop human rights violations in the Philippines, to FREE the 43 health workers, and to say never again to martial law in the Philippines.

In an ongoing assault on human rights by the Philippine government, 43 health workers were illegally arrested and detained on February 6, 2010 in Morong, Rizal, Philippines, while conducting a health training. They are still illegally being detained and have endured over a month of ill treatment and torture by the Philippine military.  Their situation is critical.  Each day that the 43 health workers are not released, it is one more day they have to endure of pain, fear, and torture.

Support of this movement is in support of a global movement to uphold and defend human rights.

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