International Conference of Progressive Culture

International Conference of Progressive CultureYou are cordially invited to the International Conference of Progressive Artists, Cultural Workers and Media Practitioners to be held in the Philippines on July 4-6, 2011 on the main campus of the University of the Philippines in Quezon City, Manila.

The theme of the event is “Cultural work as an integral part of the struggle of the peoples of the world against imperialism.”

The conference is an initiative of artists/cultural workers who are active within the International League of People’s Struggle (ILPS), an international formation of more than 200 organizations from 40 countries promoting, supporting and developing the struggles of the peoples of the world.

As artists ourselves, we have come to understand the importance of the role of art in the progressive movement and want to promote its value far beyond simple entertainment. We aim to examine and develop the ways in which art and culture are an integral and indispensable part of the revolution we all desire. This conference will be a unique opportunity for creative people from around the world to come together, share their work, and discuss the role of art in the struggle for fundamental social change.

We hope the conference can also provide an opportunity for progressive artists and cultural workers to strengthen ties that could eventually lead to the formation of an international alliance of anti-imperialist artists/cultural workers.

While we will ensure the best venue, comfortable accommodations, and an enjoyable and enriching conference, the international organizing committee will not be able to provide funding for the attendees. We hope that by sending you this invitation early it will provide you the time to prepare funding options.

We would also love your input. We enjoin you to submit specific topics and possible resource speakers to be considered for the final conference program. We encourage you as well to suggest names of individuals and organizations in your area who would be interested in attending the conference.

Please contact immediately the international organizing committee in your region to indicate your interest in attending this conference and to forward other feedback and suggestions. Succeeding calls for this event will detail practical information regarding visas, conference fees, board and lodging, the conference program and related matters.

See you in Manila in July 2011 !

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