In Memory of Leonard Weinglass

In Memory of Leonard Weinglas

(Left to right) Marie Hilao-Enriquez of Karapatan; Leonard Weinglass; Melissa Roxas of Habi Arts; and Berna Ellorin of BAYAN USA. Photo by New York Committee for Human Rights in the Philippines, Inc.

Tribute to Leonard Weinglass from Melissa Roxas (co-founder of Habi Arts)

In Honor of Leonard Weinglass
from Melissa Roxas

I would like to express my deepest condolences to the family and closest friends of Leonard Weinglass, human rights lawyer and fighter for justice. I share with you a deep sense of loss over his passing away.

Len was an important part of my legal team, as co-counsel and adviser. I met with him several times in his office in New York to discuss my case.  I am deeply thankful for all the times he met with me and listened to my questions and concerns. He was always very kind and attentive. Len spoke out publicly on my behalf. This meant a lot to me because as a survivor of abduction and torture—it gave me a lot of hope and encouragement at a very difficult time—he made me feel that my voice was important and that it would have a chance to be heard.  He was committed to pursuing my case, along with the cases of other victims of human rights violations in the Philippines. He helped with preparations for the prosecution of former Philippine President Gloria M. Arroyo, et al, for gross human rights violations in the Philippines.

Leonard Weinglass has been a long-time fighter for justice, as a civil-rights lawyer in the United States and as an international human rights lawyer. He is well-known for his support of international justice struggles and a long-time ally and friend of the Filipino people.  He will always be remembered and honored for his commitment to justice and his service to the people.

Thank you Len for your commitment to justice and freedom for all oppressed peoples and for all victims of human rights violations! May your memory be an inspiration to many more people for generations to come.

Here is a little poem I wrote for you, in memory.

a little poem for a big legacy
for Leonard Weinglass

when we die,
left behind
are parts
of ourselves
whose weight in memory
is equal to the sum
of those lives
we’ve touched

for every kindness
you’ve shown,
a tree,
for every person you’ve
a sweet violet,
for every defense of justice,
an orchid,
the forest you left behind
full of blossoms

it ever grows more beautiful
with every new generation
you inspire

Mabuhay ang diwa ni Leonard Weinglass!

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